Styles of Learning

Learning styles are simply different approaches or ways of learning.

Visual Learners Learn through Seeing

They can benefit from:
Drawing a map of events in history or draw scientific process. 
Making outlines of everything! 
Copying what’s on the board. 
Asking the teacher to diagram. 
Taking notes, making lists. 
Watching videos. 
Color coding their work
Using flashcards.
Using highlighters, circling words and underlining.

Auditory Learners Learn through Listening

They can benefit from:
Using word association to remember facts and lines.
Listening to audio books.
Repeating facts with eyes closed.
Participating in group discussions.

Kinaesthetic Learners Learn through Moving, Doing and Touching

They can benefit from:
Working in short blocks.
Role playing.
Taking field trips, visiting museums.
Studying with others.
Using memory games.
Using flash cards to memorise.

Ask your child these six questions to help find out what their dominant/preferred learning style is:

1. When I am learning something new I like to say...Show me.Tell me.Let me have a go.
2. When I am relaxing I like to...Watch TV or read a book.Listen to music.Play out with my friends.
3. When I want to spell a difficult word I...Picture the word in my head.Say the word out loud. Try writing it down.
4. When I am cooking I...Follow the cook book.Ask a friend for help.Just have a go.
5. What annoys me when I want to learn is ...A messy room or desk.Lots of noise. If it is very hot or very cold.
6. When I want to try something new I...See it in pictures.Remember what I said or heard.Act it out.