Parent/Teacher Meetings

Good communications between home and school are essential if children are going to take full advantage of their time at school. Apart from the casual contact that you may have dropping off or collecting your child, you are likely to have at least two opportunities to meet with the teacher on a more formal basis. These meetings may be called Parents Evenings or Parent/ Teacher consultations. They are usually held outside of school hours and you may well be given the chance to make an appointment.

For the school, these meetings are a way of sharing the good work your child is doing together with an opportunity to flag up any concerns the teacher may have.

For parents, they can be nerve wracking events that some parents would prefer not to have to undergo. However, they present a chance for you to ask questions about your child’s progress. To find out what sort of work they are doing, how well they are doing and to see what help you can provide.
Rather than seeing it as ‘going back to school’ where your experience may not have been good, try to see it as a positive. Think of some questions to ask about learning before you go in. You are usually given the chance to look at your child’s books so do engage with the work they have done. 

Try to focus on their learning although of course it is also a time to ask about friendships and pastoral concerns. 

Above all see it as part of a large triangle with your child, the school and you all understanding each other and working for the child.