Supporting your Child with Homework

In the early primary years, you are encouraged to listen to your child read or get involved with some numeracy/maths tasks or simply discuss or make things together. As your child grows older, more emphasis is placed upon encouraging him/her to learn independently.

Ways to Help your Child with Homework
  1. Provide a quiet environment for your child to work in, free from distractions such as the television, music and other people talking.
  2. Have a regular time for doing homework - ideally not too late at night and not just before a meal when your child is likely to be hungry. Try to encourage your child to take responsibility for realising it is time to do homework, rather than having to rely on reminders.
  3. Ensure your child has basic equipment readily available to use (e.g. pencils, rubbers, a dictionary etc.)
  4. Show an interest in what your child is currently doing and make time to talk about school life in daily conversations. Inspire your child's willingness to learn by giving them good guidance and examples to follow.
  5. Encourage children to complete homework to the best of their ability.
  6. Build your child's self-esteem up by regularly praising their efforts and achievements in completed homework. A child can become disaffected if continually reminded of shortcomings.
Whilst it is a good idea to check homework over, it is important to remember that it is not your work but your child's - your role is to help guide their thinking, clarify misconceptions and to facilitate independent learning - not simply to do the homework for them!

Activities for to Encourage Learning at Home
  • Make a phone call
  • Read a TV Guide together
  • Write and use a shopping list
  • Follow instructions to play a game
  • Tell a story without a book
  • Help someone in your family
  • Learn about someone from another place or time
  • Help to set house rules or a rota
  • Work together to solve a problem
  • Plan an activity for a day
  • Visit the library
  • Plan a family quiz
  • Plan a treasure hunt
  • Search the Internet to find information
  • Keep a diary of your holiday
  • Make a digital story
  • Take photographs and make an album
  • Follow a favourite recipe
  • Use a calendar 
  • Calculate money 
  • Tell the time
  • Measure things for a bit of DIY